Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update for MCD option trades:
As mentioned at the end of December, I have written 2 long "Put" option contracts with an expiry date of Jan 2013. I’m hoping to buy McDonalds as 75 dollars per share. The price for the contracts were slightly better then estimated price, the transaction workout at $2.35 per share.

The math on this 200 x 2.35 =
470 - 8
$462.00 net
For this month (January) I have also gotten a fill on my "call" for the strike price of $100. The amount received was again slightly better then estimated it got filled at $1.40 per share
The math on this 200 x 1.40 =
280 - 8
$272.00 net
Next week I’ll look at another company to trade and collect rent from.
If you have a company that you’d like to discuss please feel free to post the name and symbol.

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